• Powdercoating Tutorial

Edited . 2017 - Originally posted October 28th 2016

In this guide I'll go through the process of powdercoating - in other words painting the mold with a fine shiny powder resembling a metal.


These are the materials that will be used. The powder I'll use in this tutorial is made to look like copper.


Just throw a little bit of the powder in the mold and close the mold up. Now shake the mold in all directions to make sure the powder sticks to all surfaces. This type of powder is very fine and will stick in a very thin layer over the whole mold

Pro tip: Do not wear fragile clothing while doing this as the powder sticks very good to everything, not just molds


Now open the mold up and pour out the left over powder. If you had enough, you will always have a small pile of left over powder. If not - that most certainly means there's some patches in the mold without powder on them.


Last part - just fill the mold up and close it. You want to have the resin colored as close to the finished color as possible. In this case I use resin with powder copper mixed into it.


This is what the finished cap looks like! To find out what its counterpart - the coldcasted copper - looks like, take a look at•Coldcasting tutorial

Hope you learned something new from this guide, for any questions or suggestions for future tutorials, feel free to contact me!