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Chapter 5 - The Herd

The sound of marching horses, screaming swordsmen and rolling catapults have surrounded you for the past days, and you have never felt happier with your choice of becoming a shepherd instead of a warrior. The army is now close to the middle of the island near the huge mountain, and has just recently come to a stop. In front of you stands the huge and seemingly impenetrable pirate fort, adorned by huge flags with the pirate sign. “May this be the last challenge on my journey” you mutter to yourself. The last step to reach your final goal - Your Herd

Army PNG.png

You began hearing their screams almost an hour before you reached your current location, and as you got closer and closer to the fort, the pirates have not gotten any quieter. It does not take long before the army’s consensus of the state of the fort goes from “seemingly impenetrable” to “impenetrable”, and you find yourself in the midst of an infinite amount of arguments, coming from every direction. All while the army steadily loses their fighting spirit, the pirates have still yet to be seen. 

And then, in the midst of this all, you hear it:

“Baa. Baa!”

Your whole body freezes. It has been so long since you saw or even heard a hint of your herd, that this faint cry for help almost seems deafening in your ears. Never before during this whole journey have you been this close to your herd, and never before have they needed you this much. You rush towards the back of the army to reach the king - you need to do something to change the situation, quickly.

You find  the king within a few minutes, and quickly drag him to the side. You tell him about what is happening, and together you start working out a plan.

• • •

After a short meeting with the king and his consultants, you are now updated on the information they got their hands on before embarking on the journey here. One of the founding fathers of the island once found an ancient scroll found inside a cave in the mountain, and that scroll has been in the hands of the king in many generations. According to this scroll, there are pathways all over the island that can be opened, but only with a special key - a green, a blue, and an orange gemstone. 

And this valley, right where the fort is build, is one of these locations...

The current plan is to set camp here for a few days before the king can gather the stones from his mine, but in the meantime you have set off to find other options.

Leaving the army and heading towards the mountain that is only a short bit away, you almost start to feel like your feet is guided. You look towards your staff, which have turned hot to the touch, and the yellow sheen that used to come from it has now turned purple. Amazed, you keep walking, seemingly on your own, until you reach the side of the mountain.


You freeze in place again, just like the last time you heard this exact sound.


You look around, without a trace of its origin

“Baa, baa!!”

You hear it again, much louder than last time!

Looking up to the right, you see a small path, right towards the noise - but still no trace of the creature making it.


You sprint up the side of the mountain as fast as you possibly can, and then you see it! 

Lamm Mine PNG nologo.png

You pick the small lamb up in your arms, with your absolute biggest and warmest embrace. 


A few moments go by, but enough is enough it seems, and the lamb hopps down onto the ground again... 


...and starts going back into the mine!

You scream for it to stop, but it does not even consider obeying. You have no clue how, but judging from its movement and certitude, the lamb seems to know exactly where you are going, and the mission you are on.

And just a few seconds later, it seems like you were right. In front of you are 3 passages, each marked with a different drawing of a colored gemstone.

Well, no time to waste you think to yourself, just need to pick which one to head towards first…


You need to make a choice, which gemstone do you head for first?

46% Chose Sapphire

You take the right-most path, past the blue sign, and follow the lamb through the cave system, until you arrive at a small cave.

You see the lamb hitting its head softly on a small rock, so you head over and pick it up and…


Under the rock lies a bright blue sapphire!

You pat the lamb lightly on the head and head back to the original cave entrance:

Which gemstone do you wish to head to next?

x% chose Emerald

This time taking the left-most path, past the green sign, you have to follow the lamb through narrow and low passages - at one point so low that you had to crawl through.

Suddenly, the path stopps, and you look up to see something hanging in a chain from the ceiling…


…but unfortunatley you can’t quite reach it!

Then you feel something hitting your leg. It’s the lamb, and as you look down he curls himself into a small ball. It takes you a short moment to realize what it means by its gesture, but then you get it!

Gently and lightly placing one foot on the lamb, you then push yourself up with your other foot, grabbing the emerald! Unfortunatley it’s stuck to the chain a little harder than you first imagined, so you find yourself hanging from the emerald for a few moments before falling down on your bottom.

After quickly getting up and awkwardly brushing the dust of your coat, you head back to the original cave entrance again:


And just out of courtesy this time - which gemstone do you wish to head to last?

100% chose Citrine


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