SSoG Colorway List

E = Entling
S = Sparkey
H = Halloweentling
Z = Zparkey
O = Orxplorer
G = Golem V3

Full color 1-shot:

Pitch Black (Matte/ Glossy) - Black: [E, S, H, Z]

Bone - off-white: [E, S, H, Z]

Snow White - White: [E, S, H, Z]

Full Grey - Grey: [E, S, H, Z, O]


Special 1-shot:

Ectoplasm - GiD White: [E, S, H, Z]

Metallic Rust - Fade from Copper to Aluminium: [E, S, H, Z]

Adamantite - Blue-tinted Metal: [E, S, H, Z]

N9 - Alumiunium/ Graphite metal mix: [E, S]

Damascus steel - Marbled silver metal: [O]

Pearl - Pearlescent white: [E, S, H, Z]

Muted Marble - Marbled white/ grey into light grey: [E, S]



Corrupted Bone - Trans grey corruption on bone base + black multishots: [H, Z, O]

Half-Bone - Half bone, half trans grey: [Z]

Ghoul - Roto-casted bone with trans black base: [E, H, Z, O]

N9 - Alumiunium/ Graphite metal mix + black multishots: [H, Z, O]

Muted Marble - Marbled white/ grey into light grey + white multishots: [H, Z]

Half-hearted - Encapsulated half white half black heart into trans black base: [E, H]



Antique Gold - Gold/ Copper mix: [H, Z, G(one-off matte Golem, one-off glossy Golem)]