Obsidian Charity Raffle

The Obsidian Charity Raffle is now over!

Total ammount raised: $1490

Thanks soo much to everyone who participated!


#1 Prize: Custom GH60Obsidian Golem (x/4)

  • GH60 Case + PCB
  • PCB mounted stickered Vintage Black cherry switches
  • Black blank PBT keycaps
  • Obsidian Golem (x/4)

Big thanks to DanielUcf for the board!

#2-4 Prize: Obsidian Golem (x/4)

Most Tickets Prize: Bloody Obsidian Golem (x/1)

  • This one of a kind golem goes to the person who buys the most amount of tickets for the raffle
  • If you get this prize, you'll still be entered into the raffle for the other prizes
  • The current most tickets will be updated regularly on this page (except when I'm asleep)

Final most tickets:


Raffle information:

  • All of the money from this raffle goes to charity - payment is made directly to UNICEF
  • Raffle tickets costs $5 each
  • All caps are MX stemmed
  • You can buy tickets several times, just fill out the form again and click the box stating that you're increasing your ticket amount
  • You can win a maximum of 1 raffle prize
  • Worldwide shipping is covered by me; all packages are sent tracked and fully insured
  • Winners + Full charity amount will be revealed after the raffle is over

Raffle instructions:

  1. Decide how many tickets you'd like to buy ($5 each)
  2. Donate this amount to Unicef through the link posted below
  3. Take a screenshot of your receipt and include in your form submission (EXAMPLE)