Introduction to sales

There's a few different types of artisan keycap sales, each working in a different way.

Here's a brief explanation of each one:


(x) hour raffle:

A raffle sale is the most common type of sale among all. It works through a form of some sort, where the buyer can fill in which of the available designs they want. The time in which the form will open is generally announced beforehands, and has a set timeframe in which people can submit which caps they'd like. The form is most commonly open for 24 hours, but there's longer and shorter types as well. After the form closes, a raffle is held, deciding who gets to pay for which cap. Only the people who end up winning has to pay - there is no cost entering the raffle. The more people wanting one cap, the less chance of getting to buy it.


(x) hour mystery raffle:

While similar to the normal raffle with the means of entry, this sale varies by adding an extra mystery step to the raffle concerning which cap you will get. In the normal raffles, you can choose which caps you'd like to buy, but in mystery sales you can get any cap from the sale, often not revealed until the package arrives at your doorstep.


Flash sale:

A flash sale can have many different shapes and forms, often being similar to either a raffle or a mystery raffle. The basics of a flash sale is that the form which you fill in is only open for a very short ammount of time, commonly in a span varying from 60 seconds up to 10 minutes. The ammount of caps in these type of sales tends to be low, allowing for fast invoicing and shipping after the sale.


FcFs sale:

A FcFs sale is what most other people would call a "normal sale", meaning that the first person to want the item gets it. The problem with this however, is that the demand for the caps being sold makes it very hard for most people to get one themselves, resulting in some people resorting to bots etc. This type of sale works for some, but for many this type of sale just ends up being unfair towards everyone.


Group Buy/ Made to order:

A Group Buy (commonly reffered to as GB) or Made is a sale in which everyone who enters the sale gets one. They generally work the same as any other sale, except that the caps are made after payment is made, compared to normal sales in which everything is usually done before the sale starts.